January 17, 2012
New Healthy Snack Pledge and Giveaway

This week take the Solus Healthy Pledge to help kids choose healthier snack food and enter to win a healthy giveaway!

           Visit our Healthy Pledge and Giveaway page to enter your pledge

Each pledge gets our printable Chef Solus’ Healthy Kids’ Snack Tips and our favorite Rice Cake Toppers PDFs for ideas to make the pledge week healthy and fun.  Each pledge also gets a chance to win Lundberg Farm Rice Cakes giveaway! (value $30)

grab our badgeWe appreciate your support and thank you for spreading the word about our new healthy games, giveways, pledges, and the March to Nutrition Month. You can get code to share a badge here! Because of word of mouth we are reaching more kids, families and school who can benefit from our free bilingual nutrition education website.

We are 50,000 members strong!

It is due, in large part, to the efforts and partnerships with like-minded healthy sponsors that we are able to continue to keep our interactive nutrition education learning platform completely free for all families. We use all sponsored giveaway funds to help create new games or learning tools and healthy printables. We have over 1000 healthy printables that are used in home and school across the country!

Visit our Healthy Pledge of the week page to take the pledge and enter to win!

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Top Healthy Family Tips for 2012

January 6, 2012
Kids’ Healthy Nutrition Stories-Book Set Giveaway

Enter to win a set of 3 nutrition storybooks for children (value $31.85) It’s the new Chef Solus Healthy Pick of the Week!


Giveaway ends 1/07/12

Every entry gets a special PDF “Chef Solus Top Tips To Get Kids Eating Vegetables

Be sure to visit the brand new website launched for 2012!

www.nourishinteractive.com The Fun Way to Learn About Nutrition!

Online healthy food games and interactive learning tools for kids. Healthy family tips and articles by Registered Dietitians. Resources for educators to teach K-5 nutrition education. It’s healthy, fun and free- play and learn in English or Spanish. Sign up 

October 26, 2010
A very sweet month for National Dental Hygiene Month- Tips for helping kids learn good oral health habits

Don’t let Halloween sneak up on you! Tips for parents about dental health and managing your child’s sweet tooth during the Halloween season.

October 26, 2010
Understanding the Food Pyramid Quick Guide for Parents and Fun Printable Activity Pages and Games for Kids

Discover facts about the Food Pyramid, the Food Groups and portion sizes and print the Chef Solus’ Food Pyramid Guide- a colorful printable that makes it fun to learn about eating healthy! Play healthy food theme games or download new Halloween nutrition theme activity pages. Monster Food Fun, Find the Pumpkins and more!  ‘Nourish Health Kids’ October e-News By Nourish Interactive. The Fun Way to Learn About Nutrition!

August 11, 2010
Vote for Chef Solus in Let’s Move’s Apps for Healthy Kids Challenge http://bit.ly/voteforchef
Learn more about the games and the Mom/Nurse who created the games here  Please vote contest ends Saturday Aug 14 at 9am PST Thank you!

Vote for Chef Solus in Let’s Move’s Apps for Healthy Kids Challenge http://bit.ly/voteforchef


Learn more about the games and the Mom/Nurse who created the games here  Please vote contest ends Saturday Aug 14 at 9am PST Thank you!

August 11, 2010
Top Reasons to Vote for Chef Solus Healthy Game for Kids Right Now!

Let’s Move’s Apps for Healthy Kids Challenge is happening now- Voting for Popular Choice ‘People’s Award’ Ends this Saturday!

Haven’t picked your favorite game yet?  There’s still time but act quick..oh and vote for Chef Solus. Why him, you ask? 

Top 20 Reasons to Vote for Chef Solus’ Healthy Games for Kids Right Now

20. He’d vote for you

19. He’s cute, funny, smart, healthy and… loves to cook- what more could you ask for?

18. He’s going to create more FREE healthy eating games and learning tools for schools and families, whether he wins or not!

17. Because cartoon food never tasted so good! ( & healthy!)

16. He is created by a woman owned business- vote for smart, hardworking, fun, and creative women! (1:10 ratio of women:men holding leadership positions in business)

15. A vote for him is truly a vote the little guy

14. He promises to “Like” your page

13. Kids are counting on your vote so their teachers can have even more free lesson plans and nutrition worksheets to give them, well ok- maybe not. But kids do love his educational games!

12. If you don’t vote, how can he win?

11. His ‘Healthy Harvest Maze’ is a farm food game that promotes farms and teaches kids what fresh fruits and vegetables are, how they grow, and how yummy they are to eat! Which is a good thing, especially after Jamie Oliver’s show revealed so many kids have no idea the names of produce or where food comes from! Plus, it’s way better (for everyone) than that other farm game, you know ‘that' one.

10. He’s definitely not looking to have his own reality show

9. Raise you hand if you’re really NOT interested in the idea of packing up your backpack (with yummy snacks) right now and heading out to explore inside a Pyramid with Chef Solus on an Adventure

8. He’s bilingual, so you can play and learn in English or Spanish

7. His printable monthly healthy family calendar has cute graphics, easy healthy food and physical activity tips for busy parents.

6. Did we mention the word, free? (& 100% AD free kids wing)

He really has his heart set on being David Letterman’s next guest!

He already got his haircut and a new chef hat for his photo with the First Lady and the Let’s Move crew!

Polls say he’s the best candidate to have a drink… a fresh fruit and veggie smoothie with

He’s the Fun Way to Learn About Nutrition! Fun and nutrition in the same sentence, is a big step towards combating unhealthy food ads and messaging directed at kids!

It takes less than 3 minutes to vote for Chef Solus and the Food Pyramid Adventure

Vote now http://www.appsforhealthykids.com/application-gallery/chef-solus-and-the-food-pyramid-adventure 

1. Register here

2. Check your email to confirm

3. Click here and you’ll see Red Vote Button click on it and you voted for Chef Solus!

Thank you!

Still here….hmmmm… You didn’t vote yet? Voting ends on August 14 at 9am PST. Cold feet about having to register for yet another thing online? That’s understandable. Maybe this will help:

  • It’s quick to register.
  • If your mailbox always way to full of junk and you don’t want to register here. That part is all taken care of -because you are not signing up to get emails from Let’s Move unless you check the box to get email from them. 

Thanks so much, together we can create a healthier future for all children.Over 2000 schools and communities and 40,000 members use the games to teach children about eating healthy and being active. If Chef wins more children and families will discover his fun nutrition games. They are all free and available in English or Spanish.

If you really enjoyed this Top 20 reasons and want to share your enthusiasm for voting for Chef Solus with your readers, friends or the neighborhood:

You can repost this article or share with friends in your networks. email your friends the link to vote, call your neighbors and tell them why you are voting for him, make flyer, shout it from the roof tops.

I know Chef Solus will win with your support! You can be a big part of this ‘come from behind win’ for Popular Choice. Please join be a part of Chef’s team and spread the word. 

Here is the website page about the contest and you can grab a Facebook share link there too  http://www.chefsolus/healthy-kids-games-contest

After you vote visit chefsolus.com to learn more and play over 20 Free online games, or check out fun healthy interactive tools, nutrition lesson plans for teachers, worksheets, family wellness printables- healthy living tip sheets, and more created by Educators, RNs and RDs. 

* Reference to women in business leadership from UC Davis Study on Women in Business  

August 3, 2010
Public to Vote for Best Healthy Apps and Games for Kids

I voted for chef solus free healthy games for kidsVoting for Popular Choice Award, like the American Idol for healthy games for kids, is open until August 14, 2010. It is part of First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign to reach children and teach them about eating healthy food and being active. Using technology to engage children and make learning about nutrition more fun!

Check it out, play the games for free and vote for your favorites!

August 1, 2010
Apps for Healthy Kids Challenge-Free Healthy Eating Games, Vote for Nourish Interactive

The fun way to learn about nutrition! Chef Solus’ Food Pyramid Adventure, Kevin’s Build a Meal, Ride the Food Label, and Healthy Harvest Maze, are finalists in Michelle Obama’s contest “Apps for Healthy Kids Challenge” which is part of her “Let’s Move” campaign to teach kids about nutrition and reduce childhood obesity. 

Nourish Interactive’s games have fun characters promoting healthy food choices and positive healthy messages.

Your vote can help choose the Popular Choice Winner.  Help Nourish Interactive win! This nutrition education website is an online learning platform providing interactive tools, games, family wellness tips, and nutrition lesson plans and educational games for classrooms. All games are free and available in English or Spanish to teach kids about eating healthy and help them develop healthy habit to last a lifetime.

Nourish Interactive, a California based start up founded by a registered nurse is a fun way for the whole family to learn about making healthier food choices. 

Have fun playing Chef Solus and the Food Pyramid Adventure Game in the Apps for Healthy Challenge, there are 95 games to play online for free. Voting for Popular Choice winner ends August 14, 2010. Check out the four games Nourish Interactive has in the finals;  Ride the Food Label Roller Coaster, Build a Healthy Meal, Collect fruits and vegetables in the Harvest Farm Maze Game, or go with Chef Solus on a Food Pyramid Adventure,  a multi-level online video game to explore the USDA Food Groups and the importance of balanced meals. It’s fun and free!

free online healthy food pyramid games for kids

Nourish Interactive Games- Complete list and game descriptions


May 18, 2010

We Eat Food That’s Fresh! Fun book for kids about eating healthy foods. Great illustrations and upbeat music on CD that comes with book, what a great way to encourage healthy food choices and make eating healthy FUN!

We Eat Food That’s Fresh
Author: Angela Russ-Ayon
Illustrator: Cathy June
Our Rainbow Press
ages 4-8
Hardback ISBN: 978-1-934214-06-0
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-934214-09-1

You Can order “We Eat Food That’s Fresh!” online at:

May 15, 2010
Most important fruits and vegetable to buy organic

Print out a cute visual pocket guide of foods ( fruits and vegetables) highest in pesticides to always try to buy organically grown and see what foods that are usually lowest in pesticides.

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